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Text Message Reminder Service

Make your appointment with the surgery in the usual way. About two days prior to your appointment you will receive a text message from the surgery to the mobile number you haev supplied, with the details of your forthcoming appointment.

In order for yus to provide you with this service we need your current mobile number and your consent to receive messages. To do this you need to complete a consent form available from reception or you can download one here Communication Consent Form

Please return your completed consent for to reception at either surgery, in order for us to register you onto the Text Message Reminder Service.


Q Can I receive text message reminders about appointments for the children in my family?
A Text Message Reminder Service is only available to patients over the age of 16, who have given their explicit consent.

QWe share a mobile telephone – can I receive reminders for my partners appointments?
A Only if both you and your partner have given your explicit consent to do so.

Q What if I no longer want to receive Text Message Reminders?
A You can opt-out of this service at anytime, you just need to inform us you are withdrawing your consent and you will be removed from the Text Message Reminder Service

Q What if I change my mobile number?
A We can only send text reminders to the number you have provided us with, therfore if you change your number at anytime it is your responsibilty to inform the practice as soon as possible so it can be changed on your record.

Q How secure is this service?
A Text Message Reminders are generated using a secure facility but they are transmitted using a public network onto your personal mobile telephone. Once the message reaches your mobile telephone it is only as secure as you keep your phone. The practice will not send anything which would anable an individual to be identified.