Hawthorn Medical Practice

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Burgh Le Marsh surgery

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Prescriptions and dispensing

Repeat prescriptions can be obtained by telephone, by post, in person at the surgery or online provided that you have pre-registered for SystmOnline (see below*).

WE AIM TO PROCESS REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS WITHIN 48 HOURS (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).  HOWEVER PLEASE ALLOW 2 FULL WORKING DAYS BEFORE COLLECTING YOUR PRESCRIPTION from the surgery. (If you collect your medication from a pharmacy please allow 3 working days between ordering and collecting your medication from the pharmacy to allow then time to dispense)

Ordering by telephone

The prescription line is open from 9.00am until 12.00 noon and 2.00pm until 4.30pm daily. Please ring 01754 896350 within these times.
The prescription line can be extremely busy at times, particularly on Mondays.  It would help us to provide you with a better service if you could avoid ringing on that day. Whenever you ring and there is a delay, please be patient. We will answer your call as quickly as possible.

Ordering by post

Please send your repeat prescription slip (marked prescription order) to:


Please include a stamped addressed envelope if your medicines ARE NOT dispensed at Burgh.

Ordering in person

Please place your repeat slip in the post box provided.

Ordering online

Before you can use our SystmOnline repeat prescription service you will need to complete a registration process. Please contact reception or visit the Registering For SystemOnline information page.

All of the local pharmacies collect prescriptions from the Skegness surgery – if you would like your prescription sent direct to a pharmacy each time you reorder please tell the receptionist.  The pharmacy will need time to process your prescription so please bear this in mind before collecting your medication. If you would like further information about these services, please contact the appropriate pharmacy.

If you have to pay for your prescriptions it may be cheaper for you to purchase a pre-payment certificate. Please ask the Receptionist or telephone  0300 330 1341  or  visit  http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/helpwithhealthcosts.aspx  People with certain medical conditions can get free NHS prescriptions. Please enquire at Reception or ask your GP if you qualify. The list of eligible conditions is also available at http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/helpwithhealthcosts.aspx

Medication can be dispensed directly to some patients at the Burgh le Marsh surgery.

Eligible patients must meet specific criteria and you will be advised by practice staff if you are eligible.

Repeat medication will normally be available for collection 3 working days after ordering.

On occasion there may be a delay in obtaining supplies of certain medications. Please do not blame the Receptionists or Dispensers as these matters are usually beyond our control and we do our best to work with our wholesalers to obtain supplies in a timely manner.